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 June 2016

 La Paz Update Sunday 06/26/2016 - The sharks in the area continue to make us move around and look for areas away from our normal fishing spots that might be holding fish.  We have been able to get our clients on the fish but they have had to work more than we would like to catch them.  We still can find larger live bait for clients, but there are limited numbers of sardines.  The cold water currents have still kept the Dorado away and we are still waiting for that to change.

Jannett Ferber proudly shows off a nice Yellowtail she caught while fishing with Captain Jesus.


Dean Kibbler and Rick Arnold show off the very big Yellowtail they caught today.


La Paz Update Sunday 06/19/2016:    The weather this last week has been better with the winds from the south at about 8 knots.  Unfortunately, a strong current of cold water came in the bay and turned the warer green which made catching bait harder for our bait guy.  However, we were still able to provide enough bait for our clients. Normally by now the Dorado would be here in large number but with the cold water they aren't here.  We hope to see them as soon as the current changes and we get rid of the cold water it brought in. The most productive area is at el Bajo using Platanitos as bait and fishing the bottom.  The area is still loaded with sharks so clients need to reel up as fast as they can or the sharks will take their catch, which happens often.  Pargo and Cabrilla are biting good and we are still seeing some big Blue Marlin and a lot of tuna.

We had a fun loving group of ladies from the Dana Wharf Lady Anglers Club who really know how to fish with us this week.  They really impressed out captains with their fishing ability and eagerness to get on the fish.


The Pat Furguson had a great time today and filled up on Cabrilla, Pargo and Snappers.


Madison Rivera shows off a nice Yellowtail he caught while fishing with other family members.     


Jeff Krolosky caught this big Amberjack using live Caballitos at la Reina.  He was fishing on the Wild Cat with Captain Pico


Art Rivera Sr., Art Rivera, Madison Rivera and Steve Stagnero show off a big Yahoo while fishing at the north end of Cerralvo Island with Captain Caco.


Fish Action 06-05-2016 to 06-11-2016

It has been somewhat slow this week because strong winds from the south and west were blowing between 11-17 Knots making it hard to get out.  Most of our fishing has been done around the Island while slow trolling live bait for Cabrilla and Pargo.  Some nice fish have been caught but with the winds it few clients ventured out.  Reports from the commercial fishermen siad that there are still big Amberjack at la Reina Light House on the north side of Cerralvo Island but again with the high winds we haven't been able to go after them.  There have been some Dorado and Marlin at the el Bajo Seamount but the area is loaded with sharks making it nearly impossible to get the bait past them.  We do have plenty of big bait for clients but unforunately there is still no Sardines.


Boat Update

Good news for all our friends, Leonard  bought a 2007 Triumph 215 with only 167 hours on the Yahama 150. He said that they went through the entire boat and engine and brought everything up to new status. He also purchased two Yahama 150 engines and will be replacing two of our existing engines.  Our Triumph fleet will be completely re-powered by the start of next season. We are also shopping for a new 250 engine to replace the motor on our Parker that should be completed by years end. 

 Art Rivera shows off a nice Cabrilla he caught today.


Rick Linehan caught this brute of a Rooster while fishing with Captain Jesus to win "The Catch of the Day."



Dave Mitchell had a good time fishing for Cabrilla and shared a selfie he tool of a 30-35# Cabrilla he caught. His remark was "What a pig."












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