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Our fishing history began in the cold clean waters of Sitka Alaska. We began cutting our teeth on the service side of this business. With many outfitters available we quickly learned we had to be the best in order to retain clients.

In 2000 we began exploring other areas to bring our product to, areas that have a more diverse fish populations and a longer fishing season. Our search directed us to the Sea of Cortez, the most bio-diverse body of water on the planet. After looking up and down the Baja Peninsula we choose La Paz for our new home.

La Paz offers a unique set of geographic benefits. First, it is the first set of structure in the Sea of Cortez. Structure always improves fishing. Bait needs areas protected from predators to spawn and flourish. Rock structure and coral provide homes for many varieties of smaller fish. By creating a haven for bait you attract everything else in the food chain. Structure to fishing is like Spaghetti and Meatballs, both good but better together. Second, the underwater canyons and seamounts just offshore provide the largest pelagic staging areas in the region. Huge seamounts rising to within 60-80 feet of the surface give these fish great areas to school up. Third, the close proximity to these geographic advantages limits our travel time. We don’t have to spend most of the fishing day traveling to the fish.

Finally the city itself, La Paz is the undiscovered secret on the Baja Peninsula. A large cosmopolitan city almost completely void of the tourist hustle many other areas are plagued by. Hundreds of restaurants, shops and night life make La Paz very unique. You can walk on the Malecon (the seaside walkway) at any time of day or night without any worry. Your safety is our primary concern, and we know it is yours too. We believe that you will find that the translation of La Paz is as it should be, ‘The Peace.’

Now that we have the best location how do we provide service to match this pristine paradise.

The Boats:

We own and operate the largest most modern fleet of fishing boats in La Paz. We do not contract with local fisherman to take our clients fishing. Because we own our boats we ensure the quality of the crafts and the service on them. Our boats are:

  • All American style Center-Console or Cruiser boats
  • They are: Newer, Wider, Faster, and Better equipped
  • All our boats have bait systems designed to support your bait all day.
  • All our boats have Built-In Fish Boxes.
  • We carry ice on board to chill your caught fish.
  • Safety equipment is all standard on our boats and including; life jackets, First Aid Kits, two-way radios, and fire extinguishers.

Fishing Gear:

A Fishing License comes with every package there is never an additional charge, Avet reels, Shakespeare Ugly Stick rods, top end terminal gear. Outriggers, Fluorocarbon Leaders, top end trolling jigs and lures.

Fish Processing:

When you return each day your catch is expertly filleted, vacuum packed and frozen for you trip home, all without additional cost or expense to the fisherman.

Expanded Service to Magdalena Bay
In 2021 we expanded our operation to include fishing trips on the Pacific coast in Magdalena Bay.  Magdalena Bay is located approximately 2 hours northwest of La Paz.  Magdalena Island is a long sand Island that protects the bay from the Pacific Ocean.  At the north end of the bay is a town called Lopes Mateo.  During the winter from January thru March it is one of the biggest Grey Whale birthing areas.  During August to the end of December it is one of the most prolific fishing area on the Baja peninsula which drew our attention.  Magdalena Bay is a location for the serious fishermen and women, as it is fairly isolated with only fishing to do. We offer the same level of service in Magdalena Bay as we do in La Paz.  Due to the isolated location our trips are all inclusive; transportion from and to the airport, all meals, fishing gear, fishing license, and fish processing.

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Please call or email if you have any questions at all:

Leonard Phillips
Phone: 866-454-5386
Email: leonard@bajapiratesoflapaz.com

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