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“Top quality fishing guides”

Reviewed July 21, 2012      

Ron B - New York City, New York

I've fished with a lot of different guides in Central America, South Africa and the US. Baja pirates is among the best I've gone out with. I've fished in Mexico several times and have gone from cheap dockside negotiations to a quality outfit. The difference is clear and worth the money.

The entire staff was friendly, punctual and accommodating. The flash freezing is a great service.

You can find cheaper, but if you want to fish with quality gear and boats, knowledgeable friendly captains, and somebody who genuinely appreciates your business, look no further.

If you want to bring fish back on a plane, the airlines won't let you bring on a foam shipping cooler anymore. United let me bring mine on after putting it in a plastic airline shipping bag, but that was after a lot of pleading. My friend flew American and they made him put his in a cardboard box. He had quite a bit of thawing by the time he got home.

* Baja Pirates Note - Our all inclusive package does include a hard sided cooler, and coolers are also available for purchase in La Paz. Just check the cooler as luggage which is standard operating procedure for the airlines.

“Awesome trip, super service”

Reviewed July 9, 2012      

ElPicaron - San Diego, California

Leonard and his crew are the best in the business. He has brought a true Alaska style of fishing to Baja.

From the moment we arrived, we were pampered. The trip we purchased included our choice of food in twelve excellent restaurants and a beautiful hotel with a balcony view.

The fishing was the best. We all caught large El Dorado. Captain Luis, would not quit until we had the boat full of fish.

Every touch was first class ! Our fish were vacuum packed for free, and wait, yes they even gave us a real plastic, not Styrofoam cooler to transport the frozen fish on the plane.

Leonard is a gentleman and has put together a great organization. He truly cares about the welfare of his clients.

Well, there were only two downsides to the trip. We hated to come back, and yes, the trip was addicting so I will be spending more money (though it is surprisingly affordable) to come back next year, and only with Baja Pirates of La Paz.

Great job guys!

“Fishing with the Baja Pirates of La Paz Mexico”

Reviewed June 26, 2012      

Ronald P - Pomona, California

My fishing buddy John called me, he said you want to go fishing? Without a second thought, I instantly said yes, I knew exactly where we would be going, La Paz Mexico, fishing with the best fishing crew of captains in the "Sea of Cortez" the "Baja Pirates." These guys are awesome they literally hunt for fish.

I was scheduled for major eye surgery during the time my buddy and I were going fishing, yeah, I was practically blind in one eye and I was not going to miss this fishing adventure with the Baja Pirates for nothing in the world. I postponed my eye surgery for this fishing trip to La Paz Mexico.

I've been fishing with the Baja Pirates for many years and nobody can beat these guys at what they do best, locating the fish. I've never been disappointed with their service and this last fishing trip was outstanding. We caught a treasure ice-chest full of yellow tails, the ones that got away was due to us being so exhausted hauling in these fish.

The Baja Pirates aim to please their clients and make their clients fishing adventure an unforgettable one from the moment they step on board and off the boat. With the Baja Pirates you really don't need to do anything but show up at the La Paz Mexico Airport, everything has been taken care of for you and your guest the Baja Pirates are there waiting to take you to the hotel. Need a few things before you get to your hotel, no problem for the Baja Pirates they work on land too. Need a ride into town from your hotel to shop for souvenirs are to a fine restaurant to cook and eat your catch of the day, ask the Baja Pirates they have the right connection to the best restaurants. For dinner and breakfast I highly recommend, Ms. Amore's Wine & Steakhouse, next door is their winery.

During any fishing adventure with the Baja Pirates, you will no doubt be worn out and sleeping very good every night but, be prepared and ready to go the next following morning the Baja Pirates fleet of boats, rigs and tackle are sparkling clean and ready for another wild fishing adventure. These Baja Pirates, want nothing more than getting you back on board out to sea with a fishing pole in your hands. Nobody goes home without fish.

Ron P.

“Above and beyond”

Reviewed June 19, 2012      

Tom P - Eureka, California

Four of us recently went on our first Baja fishing adventure with the Pirates. We stayed 4 nights and fished 3 days. They thought of everything from ever-ready van service, wonderful restaurants, and good boats and skippers.

Their American style boats were comfortable and capable. We hit a lull in the fishing but still managed to boat 7 Dorado with at least 2 large bulls. La Paz is an interesting city with excellent food and some fun shopping.

All of us agreed that we'd love to come back again as soon as possible.

“Great fishing trip”

Reviewed June 8, 2012      

JeffH - Newbury Park, California

Great Fun!!!
Leonard and his crew run a very smooth and seamless operation...

El Capitan "Luis" is the true red tied, when it comes to fishing he's relentless and never less than great...

The very special thing Leonard's crew does great,is his extended crew escorting you to dinner and being in Mexico makes it for a fine dining experience. I'm looking forward to our trip with Mike the barber!!!!!
Thank You
Jeff Howard

“Yearly fishing trip”

Reviewed June 3, 2012      

DavidM - Riverside, California

This was the third yearly trip I made with Baja Pirates of La Paz and it just continues to be better each year. This year I went with my father and a friend of ours and the fishing was outstanding as was the level of service. We fished on one of the Triumph 210's with Captain Luis. We caught more fish this year than we ever had before, but the best part of the trip was on the last day on the way back to the dock. I spotted a marlin sunning itself on the top of the water. Captain Luis moved the boat into position and we casted a live mackerel near the fish and he went for it. It got hooked and the fight was on! I fought the fish for about 25 minutes before we brought it up along side the boat. It was a stripped marlin weighing in around 150 pounds. It was my first solo marlin catch and the best way to end an outstanding trip.

I owe the success of catching this marlin on the experience Captain Luis has and the help he gave me by controlling the boat Thank you Luis.

If you want to experience a great trip and catch quality fish on quality boats do what we did and charter with Baja Pirates. They truly do have the best boats, best gear and best service in La Paz.

As for the city of La Paz, I was impressed daily with the quality of the food and hospitable service we received at the local restaurants and shops. I would recommend Bandido's for a great steak or burger dinner.

“Gotta take the time to fish!”

Reviewed June 3, 2012      

ESMotteram - Palouse, Washington

We organized a day's fishing from La Paz with a phone call (to California, USA). Four guys (from a wedding party) needed a day to try the unique fishing on the Sea of Cortez. Baja Pirates was easy to organize, had all the equipment, a boat to handle four and a Capt that could get the fish. Excellent service started with pick up at Hacienda Paraiso de La Paz, had us on the boat and on our way in minutes of arrival at their dock. We bought $30 of bait fish and went to havin' fun.

Fishing was irregular for the last week or so as water temp and species were changing. First Yellowtail came in the first hour (we landed 3 more, couple Sierra, Bonita and several Needlefish) and fishing was steady all day. Capt Pico knew his stuff. He could read the water and devined what was happening underneath. "The Pirate" fleet talked to one another and this made for clients getting a great day fishing.

Ice and drinking water were on board. Lunch was an adequate 2 sandwich, apple, chips, etc.

On return a great staff asked what we wanted and advised on species selection. Later that evening they delivered about 30 pounds of expertly filleted AND vacuum packed Yellowtail, some of which fed the wedding party and friends a truly memorable, very fresh, grilled fish dinner that night.

The REALLY Big Grouper got away!

“Awesome Operation”

Reviewed May 11, 2012      

Fullspeedrf - Vacaville, California

I have been down to La Paz 3 times each time gets better.

The Baja Pirates make the trip down every time enjoyable. Your trip starts off from when you call and talk to Leonard. Once Leonard gets you set he starts looking for airfare but doesn't just settle for the cheapest flight. He will actually get you a flight that makes sense. For our flights the out bound we left SFO at 11 which put us on the ground in Cabo around 3 and our home coming flight leaving Cabo at 4 and on the ground in SFO at 6 so you didn't have killer late or odd flights. After Leonard send out your souvenir tee shirt and hat along with your vouchers and itinerary you are all set.

On travel day once your on the ground and through customs the vacation begins. You are met by your driver and concierge Raul. Raul will get you to La Paz in a safe and timely manner. For our group he has a cooler full of drinks and we stop to stock up for the 2 hour ride. About half way through you will stop in a little town of San Bortolo where there is an awesome roadside restaurant. After a stop there you are ready for the remainder of the trip.

Once in La Paz Raul will make sure you have all you needed things for the next day and get you to the hotel. In La Paz the Baja Pirates use one of two hotels. The first being Club Cantamar which is nice because you are right in the area of the boats and the Baja Pirates fish processing center. The second hotel is the marina is in the town of La Paz so you are 20 minutes from the boats. The Hotel Marina has its own WiFi and a pretty good restaurant . Club Cantamar has a swim up bar which is nice after a day on the water.

On your first day of fishing you are met by Pedro who hands you your fishing license and assigns you your boat and captain for you days of fishing. You will get to your boat between 7am to 8am depending on your group and your stay. When you board your captain will give you his plan of attack and you will take off for the bait boat. You pull up to a tiny panga to purchase sardines and then you will either take off for many points around the area in the sea of Cortez .

On board each boat is bottled water , your lunch and 40lbs of ice which if you catch fish will end up on your catch in the fish box to keep you catch in top shape. At the end of the day when you tie up you can request if you want any fish left out other then that there is the bar and pool at Club Cantamar open for a beer and a swim while you wait for the rest of the boats to come in. If you are staying at Club Cantamar you can go to your room if you are staying at the hotel Marina, Raul and Gamma are waiting to take you back.

If you bring your own gear down at the end of the day the captains will wash your gear off and store it for you in the locker at the top of the dock so when you get down to the boat your gear is aboard .

At the end of each day your fish is filleted and vacuum packed and frozen for you to take home. At the end of your fishing your fish is transported to the marina hotel of that's where you are staying . Raul will load you fish into your cooler load your gear and you head for the airport. The Baja Pirates boast best value, best boats , best service and they live up to it I have fished with them 3 times and every time it's is absolutely refreshing to see an operation like this .

The fact that you have people like Raul, Pedro, Juan Carlos and Pico that want you to enjoy your stay and the first time you go down you make friends .

The Baja Pirates use American style boat which are newer in design so your not stuck on a panga. I will be back in the fall and trying to increase to 2 trips a year. Our group does a 6 days / 5 nights and 4 days fishing which is the perfect length trip if you are looking to have a Mexico fishing vacation give them a call.

“Fishing with Baja Pirates of La Paz”

Reviewed May 8, 2012      

DonnaHLee - Fort Bragg, California

This was our fourth trip to La Paz, Mexico with Baja Pirates and our first spring trip as we have always gone in the fall on our previous trips. Leonard Phillips owner of Baja Pirates arranged everything for our five day stay. We landed in San Jose del Cabo and had a scenic two hour drive with our friend and Pirates driver, Raul to La Paz with a lunch stop at San Bartolo. We arrived at Marina Hotel to a very nice room with a king bed, air conditioning, TV and bottled water. We were greeted by Pedro Barroso who told us who our captain would be for our day of fishing, what time to be at the van and when breakfast would be served. We chose the package to include, on fishing days, breakfast and lunch. We fished from a 21' center consul Triumph. We fished three days in a row as we didn't have the time to stay longer. The first two days were windy and fishing was difficult but we did manage to get a nice Yellowtail on the second day and we loaded up on pargo, cabrilla, and other bottom fish on the third day. The islands and beaches are beautiful and some of the water near the beaches with white sand is absolutely gorgeous. The rock formations and cliffs are very unique with some of the rocks looking like lace with intricate designs.

We enjoy the walk to the city of La Paz via the Malecon. It is a pleasant walk to and from our hotel after a day of fishing, but for those who don't want to walk the Pirates furnish drivers to and from town for dining, shopping or exploring. The Malecon is our favorite place to sit and watch all the activities. So many families are out walking, running, biking, skating, etc. We have never felt intimidation or fear of any kind. There are many police and military personnel making sure everyone is safe. We have been there for Halloween and Day of the Dead where there are so many celebrations and activities with lots of children learning our American tradition of Trick or Treating and dressing in their costumes.

We will be planning our fall trip with the Baja Pirates in the next few months and will have Leonard again make all the arrangements for us.

“A truly unique outfitter in La Paz”

Reviewed May 4, 2012      

Pescador 365 - Running Springs, California

Had my first opportunity to fish with Baja Pirates and all I can say in a word is WOW. They are a truly unique charter company in La Paz. For experienced fishermen you'll know what I mean when I say; Pangas are excellent fishing platforms and are very effective to simply get you out on the water fishing but after balancing all day on a bench seat you will feel pretty beat-up at the end of the day. Recent years have seen the addition of some with seats with at least back rests and if you are really lucky, maybe a bimini. Of course now you have to deal with that once you get a hot Yellowfin tuna or big Dorado circling the boat. With Baja Pirates you can put all those obstacles to rest. Their fleet consists of American made center consoles with huge 4 stroke Yamahas and T-tops so there is no more choking on exhaust fumes or screaming at the top of your lungs just to be heard over the engine noise. These center consoles are the perfect platform down here. There is a ton of casting room and the wide open bows make casting a live mackerel to a tailing marlin or a boil of bait a breeze and once it is picked it up you can stroll to the back of the boat and enjoy the fight. No stepping over seats or across bait wells, no passing your rod around bimini supports or even banging your toes on gas cans and batteries. Just a chance to enjoy that fish of a lifetime.

Once you get it to the boat it is YOUR call to keep it or release it to fight another day. If you are looking for that really fresh seafood dinner your catch couldn't be in better hands. They bleed your fish right away and then get them straight on to ice in their large fish holds. If you have ever had that a beautiful Dorado reduced to mush after sitting in a hot fish box all day you will know what I mean.

Can't eat all of your catch in one seating? (Actually with the typical quality of the fishing in La Paz I would be very surprised if you could). No worries. Your catch will be cleaned and filleted any way you like then vacuum-sealed as soon as you return to the dock. What you aren't ready to eat that night will be flash-frozen and ready for you to take home with you.

“Great spring vacation with Baja Pirates”

Reviewed May 4, 2012      

Jefel - San Diego, California

Won a trip that Leonard the Owner Operator of Baja Pirates had donated the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego. He runs at top notch operations. It started with the pick up at the airport by Raul our driver who spoke English to the daily breakfast and pick up at your hotel in my case it was the Hotel Marina.

The boats are in great condition with 4 stroke quiet and exhaust free motors. (those of you that have been on a boat with a 2 stroke motor you know the value of this). The captains took care of everything once you left the dock. We had 2 beginner fisherwomen on this trip and Pico our captain ensured the girls were taken care of.

This was my 3rd time fishing the Sea of Cortez (La Paz) and while the other trips the fishing had been better fishing is secondary to the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. “words cannot describe it”. BP’s advertises top quality gear and they deliver with Avet Reels. This trip I decided to add a couple of extra days after fishing and Leonard was able to take of that as well.

This is a full service operation and they can take care of all your requests. Even stopping at Wal-Mart on your way into town from the airport. You will not be disappointed with Baja Pirates Fishing Fleet.

“Baja Pirates of La Paz”

Reviewed April 8, 2012      

Christopher F - Wildomar, California

I had selected a few clients to take down to La Paz for good time of fishing and fun. We decided to take our trip with Baja Pirates in Sept of 2011 during the Mexican Independence Holiday, when we arrived at the airport we were picked up by our driver and taken to the beautiful Hotel Marina where are rooms were fantastic, the pool and restaurant were the best!

Our first day of fishing with captain Pico and Carlos were great, we were on Dorado within 45 minutes of leaving the marina, after picking up a few Dorado we headed out to the Sea of Cortez in search of some Marlin, while trolling for about 20 minutes we had a huge Black Marlin take a swipe at our jig and disappear, just to see that fish come across and try and get our jig was exciting, would have loved to catch it!

All of my clients had a great time and we plan and heading back again this year to get the Marlin that got away.

“Good times with good friends with great fishing!”

Reviewed March 29, 2012      

MFare - Coos Bay, Oregon

I have come to make BCS, Mexico a main vacationing spot. I had mainly spent my time in Cabo San Lucas for vacationing. It has much to do there and has been a welcoming place to vacation. fishing in the beautiful Sea of Cortez has been great there.

3 years ago I was invited on a fishing trip with my father in law in La Paz. Baja Pirates of La Paz was our fishing connection. Our package was put together and no gear was required. we spent 3 days fishing and four nights of camaraderie. The experience more than met my expectations so much that we have made it an annual trip.

Baja Pirates not only have well maintained equipment but their staff is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. If you go on a trip with "The Pirates" fish is in your future as well as a feeling of family. I have invited several friends with me since my first trip and will continue to invite more so I can share this experience with them.

If you you want a low pressure and high excitement fishing experience, This will be your destination!

“Cadillac Service at Chevrolet Prices”

Reviewed February 23, 2012      

NicTip - Chino, California

The Pirates Alaska type service in Baja is a definite hit. The crew is constantly striving to ensure all the customers needs are met and that their visit is satisfying. I have been five years in a row and have fished with various Captains, all of which were dedicated to locating fish for the customers. For those with no experience or equipment this is the place to learn, these folks take care of everything!

“If your kids like to fish, bring them to La Paz!”

Reviewed February 20, 2012      

TravisP_12 - Bend, Oregon

I took my 8 year old son fishing with Baja Pirates in August 2011. I was hesitant as my son had not been on the ocean before. Summer on the Sea of Cortez is like being on a lake. A little bit of chop first think in the morning (no more than crossing another boats wake on your local lake). By late morning the sea is like glass. The fishing was great. Just ask the captain what is biting and he will put you on the fish.

We fished 3 days and caught so many Dorado our arms were sore, plus a striped marlin, rooster fish, Bonita, and so many needle fish that you will hate them by the end of the day. The captain will let you do as much or as little as you like. The first day we were gringos but by the 3rd day we were baiting our own hooks and gaffing fish like pros. The gear and boats are quality. The one thing I would change is that I wish we had stayed in town. Staying at Club Cantamar is convenient because you just wake up in the morning, eat breakfast with the crew and step onto the boat.

In the evenings they would run us into town to enjoy some nightlife on the Malecon and pick us up at a designated time/spot to return. Next time I would rather stay in town and take the shuttle in the morning to the boats. La Paz really comes alive at night. When the sun goes down and the cool breeze picks up the local families hit the Malecon for the evening. I felt very safe in La Paz and wouldn't hesitate to return again with my family.

Baja Pirates did not over sell the trip. Everything they promised happened. Everyone was polite, punctual and eager to please. Something to keep in mind is that you are booking a fishing trip. The hotel was clean, the pool cool and the beer cold. Baja Pirates will work hard to get you on the fish. But if you intend to bring the Mrs. and she is looking for a 5 star resort, La Paz may not be the place.

“Awesome trip, these guys got us on the fish”

Reviewed February 11, 2012      

Seaeagle2 - Seattle, Washington

We took our teenage son and his buddy, we actually stayed in La Paz and only used the fishing guide service, but it was awesome. We fished out of a 4 person cruiser. We've fished with guides in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Canada, and I can honestly say our guide was the best at getting us on the fish. In the mornings he would tell us what we were going to target, then we would go get it. He told the boys he was going to pick them up a marlin on the way back the first day, and boom he did. He told us he got some big bait to get a bull Dorado, and boom he did. The equipment was in good shape, everything went smooth and the boys and us had a blast.

“Great Service and better fishing”

Reviewed February 8, 2012      

Slowed 36 - Rancho Cucamonga, California

I've fished Baja Pirates five times and always had a great time.. Once the fish didn't show.. but the service is always great.. they do everything they promise.. pick up from airport.. the driver will always stop and let you pick up personal items on the way to the hotel.. They're always on time to pick you to fish .. always very courteous .. the boats and captains are good.. the rod and reels are excellent (Avet's).. I don't even bring mine any longer.

“Best guided trip for the money”

Reviewed February 7, 2012      

Joe A - Bremerton, Washington

If you are looking for a quality guided fishing without spending your life savings than "Baja Pirates of La Paz" is the fishing trip you have been looking for. I am a fishing fool and I have booked fishing trips all over the world. Costa Rica, Australia both inshore and outer banks off the Great Barrier Reef, Canada, California, Florida and many in my home state of Washington. I am telling you that this trip cannot be beat for the price. Quality owners, top of the line guides, ask for Luis, Quality boats and gear. Clean accommodation, good food, private marina with night life just 20 minutes away. And yes they provide free shuttle service to and from town. Guys and Gals, I own my own fishing boat and every year after this trip with "Baja Pirates" I head to Canada for my annual fishing with my dad. I will spend more on fuel in my boat for the week in Canada than I will spend on my whole fishing trip with "Baja Pirates". Book your trip today, you will not be disappointed!

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