La Paz is a tranquil and quaint city that offers a wide variety of excellent dining options.  Many of the restaurants will prepare a complete meal for you and your guests that feature your own freshly caught fish.

LL Rustico Trattoria Pizzeria

LL Rustico Trattoria Pizzeria is a Italian restaurant with great pizza.

Dinghy Dock

The Dinghy Dock Restaurant is located at the Marine Waterfront Hotel serving American and Mexican dishes.

Los Magueyes

The menu consists of delicious traditional recipes and ingredients of the highest quality. Some of the specialties are original snacks, wines, juicy arracheras, and a variety of grills, traditional mole of the House, roast meats, wines, and a variety of tequilas, spirits and refreshing cócteles.

El Zarape

Another restaurant featuring delicious traditional recipes and ingredients highlighting the finest Mexican food.

M-Fisher Seafood Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant features seafood with a Southern California recipes.

Rancho Viejo

Rancho Viejo grew from a small street taco stand to a visitor favorite now housed in two large buildings. Tacos of arrachera are famous throughout the area. They have all of the taco favorites e.g., Carne Asada, el Pastor, Tripa and Chorizo.


Bandido’s has a custom built mesquite grill in the engine compartment of a truck and a propane powered deep fat fryer in the bed of the truck.  The restaurant is known for its burgers but it has a healthy selection of steak and chicken options.

El Mezquite Grill

Great menu for burgers, salads, steaks, fish, ribs and wings all mesquite grilled.

La Costa

La Cost is a seaford restaurant located near the La Paz Marina.



Zoe is an Italian and Swiss inspired restaurant.  The menu includes calamari, ravioli, Gnocchi Verdi, fettuccine with shrimp, lasagna, spaghetti dishes and a variety of pizzas.

Vrentino Baking Co. Restaurant

Vrentino Baking Company restaurant features healthy cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner with homemade freads and exquisite dishes.

Las Tres Virgenes

Las Tres Virgenes is a great mixture between flavor and flair.  The food is very imaginative and is described as a thoughtful marriage between taste and art.  Las Tres Virgenes has a huge courtward, an open kitchen and a wine cellar stocked with some great vintage.  The fish, steaks and ribs are the best you will have anywhere.


Stella is another Italina restaurant that is famious for this brick oven Pizza and outstanding Italian dishes.

Odayaka Sushi Bar

Located in the Costa Baja Marina offering a grand view of the marina while dining on gourmet sushi.

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