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2016 Show Time

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Here’s this winters Show Schedule drop on by.

January 14-17 2016 ISE Denver, CO

January 21-24 2016 ISE Sacramento, CA

January 21-31 2016 Pacific NW Sportsman Show Pyuallup, WA

Febuary 5-7 2016 Exposure Sports Show Eugene, OR

Febuary 10-14 2016 Pacific NW Sportsman Show Portland, OR

Febuary 19-21 2016 Exposure Sports Show Roseburg, OR

Febuary 26-28 2016 Exposure Sports Show Medford, OR

March 2-6 2016 Fred Hall Long Beach, CA

March 3-6 2016 Idaho Sportsman Show Boise, ID

March 10-13 2016 ISE Scotsdale, AZ

March 17-20 2016 ISE Salt Lake City, UT

Stop by the booth for the 2016 show special see you there.



It’s Time For Your Trip, Are You Really Ready?

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Our season is now in full speed,your getting excited your heart is pumping you can’t sleep at night. So now the real question is are you really prepared, have you checked out your equipment fly lines unwound and cleaned,more often than not most people just simply return from a trip and pack there gear back in a drawer shelve or closet and forget about them to the next trip. Leaders when is the last time you replaced it cut them off and attach a new one be prepared ahead of time not while your sitting on a boat with screaming fish around you. Weather conditions what can you expect well simply prepare for the worst,work on casting in a head wind or cross wind, double haul stripping technics all of these things will help an angle enjoy there trip of a life time. Check with your guides outfitters and lodges well ahead of time not the day before you leave for flys and gear needed on your journey. Today’s resources available through the internet  are endless,some simple homework  about the area you will be fishing can  be available on the world net look it up and areas around you so that you are prepared and ready to go when the time is here.

The spawn is on, in the last weeks we have encountered the new kids on the block no not that teeny bopper singing group. Roosters or should I say chix yes a very large amount of them last week they were six inches and maybe a half pound chix now this week twelve to fifteen inches and growing like weeds out of control. The numbers of these youngsters have been very impressive this was something missing last year due to El Niño,this news should put a smile on everyone looking to fool that elusive Rooster. This year once again I will be tagging and reporting caught and released Roosters to the roosterfish foundation so we can all one day know more about this wonderful speciesism. Locally water temps are stable but we still are encountering spring winds I keep waiting on someone to hit that wall switch and turn on summer. In our next few weeks lots of fly anglers arriving so be on the watch for our newsletter and my blog. Hats off to Robert Gray and Lee Brook on there very first roosters on the fly,till next time. TIGHT LINES. 



Pictured Robert Gray from Hamilton, Montana with one of our New Kids On The Block.

The 2015 Season is Here.

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Returning to the Baja on St Paddy’s Day to kick off the 2015 season went without displeasure. Following a long hard winter with record breaking snowfall my first client flew in from Boston to escape the long tenacious winter blues they have experienced this year  waking to a beautiful mid 80 day here in La Paz. Driving to our Marina I could see a bright smile through my rear view mirror and then hear the words from his mouth “what a beautiful morning”I replied with there all beautiful mornings Jack it’s just were you happened to wake up today. Loading my boat with lots on my mind like we’re do we start fishing,so much sea to cover I decided on making a quick stop on the way to my favorite fishing grounds. With the wind racing through our hair and the sun reflecting back at us from the sea I slowed the boat as we came to our first bay to hundreds of crashing birds and breaking water. News flash LOTS of BAIT something that was very scarce last year, I have seen bait balls bigger than two city blocks so far this year. With the current conditions we landed two nice yellowtail on the fly casting into the school of yellowtail in formation like a platoon of US Marines ready for battle. Sardinia patterns have been the go to pattern of the week. The remainder of time I spent on the water with Jack Mc Elroy we pounded schools of ravage Jack Crevelle landing 30 + for the week. With that all said,I have not seen any roosters yet but anticipate they will be here in the coming days as water temps continue to rise. 2015 is shaping up to be a great year,so till my next posting get your gear ready and tight lines were ever your next adventure might be.

If you can not see the photos I posted here due to a server problem here in Mexico check out the Baja Pirates facebook page for the yellowtail photos with Jack Mc Elroy fly fishing this past week.

Oh and sorry to report Jack flew back to Boston to be greeted once again by falling snow,83 today here in La Paz.

On The Road Again

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Good day everyone and Happy New Year it’s show time. Once again the winter months are here and it’s time to brush off the suitcases and get packed hit the road and say hi to everyone again. Leonard Eric and myself have once again a pretty intense show schedule for the 2015 season. January starts our journey as Leonard will be present at the ISC show in Sacramento, CA. Eric ventures out to the mile high country of Denver Co for ISC show. So that leaves me this year I start out at the The Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, MA. Attending with me my lovely wife we look forward to seeing everyone who can attend. While on the east coast we will then venture down I95 to The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ while attending these shows we will also be doing slide presentation at verious different times in show theaters so stop on by and check out what’s new for 2015 see yo on the road, Richard

Rooster Research

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The Baja Pirates are actively participating in a research program and members of the Roosterfish Foundation. The rooster is one of the most sot after species by fly fishers currently,with that comes the new challenge of learning more about this species and it’s migration and life. There a lot of unanswered question about this fish and were helping and learning more each day about them,currently we are involved with the foundation in a tagging program for these fish that will start to help with there migration and active life style. Currently there are almost 50 active members of this foundation with all walks of life from biologist to captains and guides all through the gulf of California both main land Mexico and the east shores of the Baja. One of the first challenges for us is to spread the word about our foundation and get non members to help in our research,the number one issue is if your fishing with a caption or guide that is not currently a member talk to them about the foundation and what were all about I will give you a link to our web page at the bottom of this story so you your self can go and check out what’s going on in the foundation. I encourage you as anglers if you catch a rooster that has been tagged please write down the that tag number and your location of catch and go to the web site and report that catch to us. This will help in a big way for the research. Currently locally here in La Paz our fleet has eight tagged and released roosters with the help of some great anglers. Thank you to all that have perticapated so far and look forward to the many more to come in the future. Please check out the foundation web site at roosterfishfoundation.org.
Tight Lines
Richard Mucciaccio

Show Time for Chicken of the Sea

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This last week things got crazy, it’s show time again and the folks from NBC’s Seasons on the Fly arrived and filmed with success the next chapter for Baja Pirates a show featuring the Elusive Rooster. The Rooster a Fly Fishers bucket list species. Pez Gallo identified by the big comb that appears from below with its sights on your size 2/0 Sardinia pattern you tied last month or that big hunk of rug of a fly the mullet pattern, as you strip and the adrenaline rushes through your veins and then the attacker peels off,Rejection. Oh don’t feel bad your not alone,that’s why it’s a prized target in the fly world today. Our team from Baja Pirates worked many extra long hours with the crew from SOF to show you the fly fisher what it’s like. I can’t thank our team enough for the hours put in for us I mean 6:00 am to 7:00 pm everyday big thumbs up captains. Your host Greg Heister from SOF faced lots of rejection and frustration but stuck to it. So tune in Fly Fishers I’m sure there will be a teaser video coming soon of this exciting new episode of the Elusive Roosterfish in the Sea of Cortez here in Baja. I am now a proud member of The Roosterfish Foundation we are part of a team of guides and captains now actively tagging and releasing Roosters for research data check out there website roosterfishfoundation.org

El Niño

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Arriving March 1st In La Paz to day time temps in the low 90’s I had to stop and check my calendar to make sure I didn’t catch the wrong flight, boy has it been a challenge. Soon after greeting all my friends here in La Paz it was time to get down to business, keeping up to date with marine and water temp weather reports have been a wild challenge just as you think you got it all figured out Mother Nature reminds you that it’s still spring here on the Baja. With our first week of fly fishing it was unbelievable on the water all most summer water colors and can you say dorado, I mean just out front from our marina in Cantamar schools of dorado. As I thought this is going to be an outstanding spring, here she comes Mother Nature and her windy breath,days as high as 25mph and one day of 50mph + winds that moved our warm water to the south. The last half of March and first week of April were very unpredictable and made for some challenging days. Now that we’re approaching mid April news has been good, weather is calmed down and higher than normal water temps are back. Roosters are in and dorado are screaming after bait. The last two days of fishing and scouting we have landed some nice Roosters Jack Crevelle and Dorado. Things just south of us have brought some crazy fishing as well so gear up and grab those flip flops and shorts and keep those tight lines, looks to be a great spring. Stand by for the next report to follow as we have a busy week of fly fisherman and fishergals arriving.

This is June fishing in April

This is June fishing in April


As The Rooster Crows

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The 2014 season is here contact Baja Pirates to reserve your prime time spots for theses beast. The 2014 season is here contact Baja Pirates to reserve your prime time spots for theses beast.

Anyone say Amnesias?

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Ahh to return to a Mans paradise. The sweet scent of beautiful Latinas and the feel of a young tight body can only produce a great and fascinating high. Now I am no spring chicken and no virgin when it comes to morphing into a pleasure pig. As a result I claim to have amnesia on a regular schedule. I blame these memory losses on atalaje

As the door swings open the sensation is alluring and exciting at any age. The clubs are always dark. The air is cool and smells of tobacco and lemons. I arrive early as this is when I have the most energy for such adventures. I like to sit up front, close to the stage, like I was at concert. It is best to show your appreciation and sitting up front sends a message. Soon I have a beer. Next I have a beautiful, tight body in my lap telling me lies I love to hear. What follows clears the flooze and makes for stories that always have blank spots.

Now I feel eighteen again thanks to modern medicine! Unfortunately the feeling is short lived and I awake back in my 60yo body with a headache as well. I find my clothes from the night before. They smell of tobacco and lemons. I find glitter in my hair. I guess that’s better than finding the grey eh?

Was it worth it? Probably not but I am still smiling so what the hell

In Spanish they would say:

Cuando en duda, consultalo con tu Almohada.

And the fish will bite tomorrow


A Bill in the hand

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The Sea of Cortez is now in full swing from my point of view. The Marlin are very active and many strikes and releases are occurring daily. I find the Billfish to be the most fascinating to fish for. Lures with bright colors are great attractors as the Marlin appear to be putos at heart.

As the Marlin is pulled to the boats edge one can only be amazed by the neon glow of the fish and the large eyes which are looking for a chance to escape or in some instances to “bill” the predator on the other end of the line. Something very primitive here and always exciting!

As I pull up the leader and grab to the bill a very special bond between man and fish occurs. The great fight is over and now the fish must be handled carefully so the return to the Sea is successful. This is pure magic. Not only a visual display but something deeper, something that cannot be described only experienced.

I have released hundreds of Marlin in my life and still have a great connection to these fish once I get their Bill in my hand. They are my friends, my competitors, and my greatest drug in life. I learned a tradition many years ago from a Panguero friend of mine. This involves spitting into the Marlins mouth before the release. This is done so the Marlin remembers you and hopefully to ensure a long life for both the Marlin and you. A tradition which interests the new generation of Pangueros as most have not witnessed this in the past and are amazed that a gringo would know about it and actually continue the tradition

The hook is removed with the health of the fish always on your mind. The boat returns to moving slowly, the fish is revived and the release makes friends both above and below the water line.

I sit quietly for a moment, Imprinting the occasion to memory. Now it is time to reset the spread and do it all over again.

In my life this is really what it is all about.

El tiempo cura y nos mata

Tight lines


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